Stephen Swartz

Stephen Swartz

Stephen Swartz is a highly experienced professional with 40 years of work experience. He has a strong background in strategic planning, sales management, new business development, customer service, and management. Based in the United States, Stephen has held various positions at Tri-Valley Supply, including General Manager and Stockperson/Teleft Driver. He has also worked as a Territory Sales Rep and has a track record of success in his career. Stephen's expertise and leadership skills have made him a valuable asset in the retail industry. .Read More

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I have gained most of my work experience from Tri-Valley Supply. My position with the company has changed many times over my 30 year tenure. I am the General Manager now but I started as a stockperson working in the the warehouse. I then moved up to stock person/truck driver. From there, I transferred to one of the retail stores and became a vacuum tech/ customer service person. I did this while continuing to complete my education at Moorpark College. I was then offered a position as a Territory Sales Rep.I continued as a Territory Sales Rep. for the next 15 years. I was quite successful at this position and saw my pay more than double over the years. As I say, I was doing quite well at this position but was getting tired of all the driving so when a I was offered a management position I took it and never looked back. This is my position today. General Manager, Tri-Valley Supply .Read More

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