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Tan Guan is a highly experienced professional with 22.3 years of work experience. Based in Malaysia-Malacca-Malacca, Tan Guan specializes in coordinating and overseeing production operations, ensuring the proper conditions and conditions are met. Tan Guan ensures that all machines are equipped with the necessary equipment and ensures the proper operation of the work. With a strong focus on safety and safety, Tan Guan is responsible for analyzing engineering data and implementing process improvements. Additionally, Tan Guan has a proven track record in recommending strategies to reduce setup time, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. .Read More

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• Coordinate and supervise production operations.• Ensure the production proceeds under controlled conditions according to the specified manner & sequence.• Check all machines set-up and tooling to ensure correctness, availability and satisfactory conditions of all machines.• Ensure that all operators are trained to follow the documented instructions defining the method of production for each process.• Keep the work place clean and tidy and free from hazards both to maintain product quality and ensure operator safety.• Ensure proper control when any non-conformance occurs.• Conduct internal quality audits and ensure implementation of corrective actions for any discrepancies found within the production department.• Responsible as 5S Committee (Vice Chairman) & conduct monthly audit.• Responsible as Coordinator of every month Stock Take.• Responsible as Key User SAP System of Production.• Main responsibilities include: generate data from SAP system & compile the data to measure the Labor & Material Efficiency.• Key User of TDC System & Overall coordinator for Yield Improvement, OEE and capacity for production line.• Responsible to compile others department report to superior by submit to H.Q.Under promote to Process Owner with add below job responsibilities.• Responsible for analyzing engineering data to develop and help implement new production process improvements and innovations.• Main responsibilities include: coordinating projects to meet tight deadlines with approved budgets, and analyzing product specifications, drawings, and engineering data.• Recommending strategies to minimize risks, costs, and waste, while increasing yield and productivity.• Responsible to do SMED , purpose to get a full scan of setups of every machine in order to find ways to reduce setup time, direct labor or gain material efficiency• Improving the quality and the consistency of final product .Read More

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