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Thomas Graziano
Thomas Graziano is an Account Representative at Associated X-Ray Imaging, Corp. in the United States. He has extensive experience in capital equipment, medical devices, and medical imaging. Thomas is skilled in operating room operations, strategic planning, public speaking, and customer service. He has worked in the Sales department and Health Care & Medical department at Associated X-Ray Imaging Corp. in Massachusetts. .Read More

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Account Representative at Associated X-Ray Imaging, Corp. .Read More

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RENOVO, which is Latin for “renew”, aims to re-imagine, reinvent and simplify medical equipment service. Therefore, we provide flexible and… .Read More
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Associated X-Ray Imaging Corp.
Founded by John Olenio in 1975, Associated X-Ray Imaging Corp. Is the largest regional supplier of Imaging Equipment, Service, and Supplies in New England. Our team of 45 employees includes: •12 factory-trained x-ray service engineers (including CT & MRI) •9 trained film processor technicians •8 professional account representatives (including 5 ARRT registered technologists) •3 IT,PACS and Networking personnel Associated X-Ray Imaging Corp. Represents some of the leading manufacturers of medical imaging systems and supplies. These include but are not limited to: Konica, Kodak / CareStream, Fuji, Agfa, Canon, Siemens, Philips, GE, Sony, Quantum, Del Medical, Summit/AmRad, IDC, Ziehm, OREX, Viztek, LumaGEM and ScanMed. We offer Imaging Systems and Service for most modalities, including CT, MRI, CR/DR, Radiography, C-Arms, Portable Units, Mammography, R & F and Ultrasound. Film, chemistry, processors, lead aprons and other accessories are also available. Through membership in National Healthcare Distribution (NHD), contracts are held with Group Purchasing Organizations such as, Premier, Novation and Broadlane. Our factory-trained service engineers represent almost 50% of our 45 employee work force. From expert installations to preventive maintenance and emergency repair (24x7), our Service First policy has always been an important aspect of Associated X-Ray Imaging Corp. In fact, many customers and employees have been with Associated X-Ray Imaging Corp. Since its inception .Read More