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Tim Byun is a highly experienced professional with 14.6 years of work experience. He is currently the CEO of OKCoin, a company based in San Francisco, California. Tim has held various leadership positions in renowned companies such as OKGROUP, Okcoin, OKLink, BitPay, Visa, and GE. He has a strong background in government relations, risk management, and compliance. Tim's expertise lies in managing global government relations, risk management, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California. .Read More

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Tim Byun presently is the CEO of OKCoin. Tim Byun attended University of Southern California. .Read More

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OKEx was officially rebranded to OKX effective 18 January 2022. Please follow us from the official OKX LinkedIn company page below to keep a close update with us: www.linkedin.com/company/okxofficial .Read More

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