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Waqas Afzal is a highly experienced Firefighter and Rescuer with 7.5 years of work experience. He is currently working at Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 in Pakistan, where he provides services in Healthcare, Firefighting, and Rescue for medical, fire, and rescue emergencies. Prior to this, he worked as a volunteer in the same department for 2 years. Waqas has a strong ability to work calmly in pressure situations and successfully executes rapid response. He is skilled in time management, commanding incidents, and decision-making. .Read More

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Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 is a rapidly growing Government Sector Department providing services of Healthcare, Firefighting & Rescue rapidly in case of Medical, Fire and Rescue Emergencies, free of cost to the public of Pakistan.I'm working in this department as Firefighter & Rescuer from more over 4 years.Before joining this department as professional employee, i was working here from 2 years as a volunteer in Fire, Rescue & Healthcare services.As an employee, i worked here in big cities of Punjab i-e Lahore, Murree and Faisalabad. Therefore i have a very good experience of working calmly in pressure situation and successful operations.Where i learnt rapid response, removing hazards, quickly operations, time management, commanding incident, operating command post, staff management, very nicely decision making situations and much more.It could be a good experience of work under you, as well. Thank you! .Read More

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Punjab Emergency Service Rescue-1122, Pakistan
The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) is the leading emergency humanitarian service of Pakistan with infrastructure in all 36 districts of Punjab and is providing technical assistance to other provinces. Rescue 1122 has rescued millions victims of emergencies through its Emergency Ambulance, Rescue & Fire services and Community Emergency Response Teams while maintaining its average response time of 7 minutes and standards in all districts of Punjab province with an estimated population of over 100 million. The Punjab Emergency Service Act was promulgated in 2006 to provide legal cover to the Emergency Services Reforms initiated in 2004 from Lahore. Start of Rescue 1122 was necessitated after failure of repeated attempts to revitalize and modernize the old organizations mandated for emergency management. Now as a result of the performance of Rescue 1122 during emergencies and disasters in recent years, it has also been notified as the Disaster Response Force by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) & Government of the Punjab. The District Emergency Officer is responsible for the day to day operational management and administration of the Service in the Districts under the supervision of District Coordination Officer who is also the Chairman of the District Emergency Board. The Board has become an effective organization for improving inter-departmental coordination and prevention of emergencies based on review of emergency data. The Director General who is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization is mainly responsible for overall operations,monitoring to ensure uniformity & quality amongst districts, recruitment & training, research, planning and development. .Read More

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