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Zach Olsen is an experienced Operations Manager and Certified Scrum Master with 7.9 years of work experience. He is skilled in customer service, public speaking, Microsoft Office, scrum, social media, and sales. Based in Boise, Idaho, Zach has worked in various industries and is dedicated to growing businesses to its full potential. He has held positions such as Chief Operations Officer at Codeworks and Store Manager at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Zach's expertise and experience make him a valuable asset in the field of operations and sales. .Read More

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Experienced Operations Manager and Certified Scrum Master with a demonstrated history of working in the multiple industries. Skilled in Management, Daily Operations, Microsoft Office, Customer Service, and Sales. Strong administrative professional dedicated to growing business to its full potential. .Read More

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Hey LinkedIn community, I hope this post finds you well. Today, I want to shed light on a topic that often stays in the shadows – the mental health challenges that accompany the job search journey. 🕵️♂️💼 Job searching can be an exhilarating yet daunting process. Behind the polished resumes and confident LinkedIn profiles are real people facing unseen battles with mental health. The pressure to find the perfect job, the uncertainty of the future, and the constant cycle of rejection can take a toll on one's well-being. 🆘 **It's Okay Not to Be Okay:** Let's normalize acknowledging the emotional rollercoaster that comes with job hunting. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, it's crucial to understand that feeling overwhelmed is a part of the journey. Let's create a supportive environment where people can openly discuss their struggles without fear of judgment. 🤝 **Supportive Networks Matter:** Building a robust support system is essential. Friends, family, mentors, and professional networks can provide encouragement, advice, and a listening ear. Sharing your experiences and challenges can not only alleviate your burden but also inspire others who might be facing similar struggles. 🌱 **Self-Care Is Non-Negotiable:** Job searching is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember to prioritize self-care. Take breaks, engage in activities you love, and celebrate small victories. Mental health should never be compromised in the pursuit of professional goals. 🚀 **Embracing Resilience:** Rejections are a part of the journey, not the destination. Each setback is an opportunity for growth and learning. Embrace resilience, and remember that your worth is not determined by the number of job offers you receive. Let's continue the conversation about mental health in the job search. Share your experiences, tips, and words of encouragement. Together, we can create a more empathetic and understanding community. 💪💙 #MentalHealth #JobSearchJourney #SupportEachOther Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Let's support one another in this shared journey! 🌟 .Read More
February 25 2024
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