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Edin Ceric is an experienced professional who has worked at Expro in Houston, Texas. He holds the position of Owner in the General Management department. Expro is a large company with over 5000 employees, specializing in the oil and gas industry. Edin Ceric's expertise lies in the field of oil, gas, and mining. .Read More

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Long recognized for extraordinary performance, superb safety and long-standing partnerships, and now incorporating Frank’s International, Expro is focused on enabling our customers to make timelier and better-informed decisions. By unleashing the power of data and digital transformation, together we can address the critical energy challenges of today, jointly engineering the answers of tomorrow. Combining innovative, future-facing technology with high-quality data across well construction, well flow management and production, subsea well access and well integrity and intervention, we have a reputation for extraordinary performance that keeps your operations running smoothly. For more information, please visit: expro.com .Read More

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