Abdul Qadeer

Lahore District, Punjab, Pakistan
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A management resource, with almost 26 years of professional experience, involved in setting up & managing profitable execution of business in the field of Accounts & Audit. I Started my professional career from CA Article ship in Gardezi & Company Chartered Accountants-65 The Mall Lahore (now Hyder Bhimji & Co) and completed professional training. I have been working in portfolio companies for more than 25 Years from which I have gained experience of Internal Audit, Accounts, finance, Inventory & Payable. Portfolio of companies includes Sugar mills, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, sugar mills and Textile Sector. I Have worked as part of multi skilled teams as well as team leader. Additionally, I have valuable expert level skills in Oracle Applications ERP R12. I have conducted various training programs also in the organization in this respect. Deputy Manager Payable (Apr, 2022 -up to June 2023 continue) US Apparel Unit 2 Deputy Manager – Internal Audit (May, 2018, - Apr, 2022) Corporate Office Section Head P - Payables (Apr, 2006 - May, 2018) US DENIM UNIT

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Pharma Job Vacancy


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Frequently asked questions

What is Abdul Qadeer's email address?

We found 1 Abdul Qadeer's email addresses

Which social media profiles does Abdul Qadeer have?

Abdul Qadeer's social media include: Linkedin, 

What company does Abdul Qadeer work for?

Abdul Qadeer works for Pharma Job Vacancy

What is Abdul Qadeer's role in Pharma Job Vacancy?

Abdul Qadeer's role in Pharma Job Vacancy is internal audit manager at pharma job vacancy

Which industry does Abdul Qadeer work in?
Abdul Qadeer works in the industry of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
What is Abdul Qadeer's latest job experience?

Abdul Qadeer's latest job experience is internal audit manager at pharma job vacancy at Pharma Job Vacancy

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Abdul Qadeer possesses 1.5 years of experience and is skilled in undefined, currently in the role of internal audit manager at pharma job vacancy at Pharma Job Vacancy, living in Lahore District, Punjab, Pakistan, find [him/her/them] on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdul-qadeer-11aa71236. The company currently has 1258 employees. Part of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing landscape.

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