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Adam Partridge is a highly experienced professional with 6.8 years of work experience. He is currently based in Hamilton, New Zealand and works at Spark's technology evolution tribe. Adam specializes in Product management for IoT and aims to take on new IoT technology and deliver exceptional service to customers. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree and holds an A average and honours level grades. Adam has expertise in Java, C#, and App design, and has worked closely with developers in Spark to assist digital journeys and identify pain points and issues. .Read More

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I work in Spark's technology evolution tribe specializing in Product management for IoT. In my role I aim to take on new IoT technology and develop the capability to deliver new IoT solutions as a service to customers to ensure their businesses can thrive in the new technology age. I completed a Bachelor of Computer Science in 2017, graduating in December with an A average along with honours level grades and acceptance into the Golden Key society, an internationally recognized organization for high achievers. I have experience in Java, C#, App design. I work closely with developers in Spark in assisting digital journeys and identifying pain points and issues with the system in terms of capabilities and ease of use. .Read More

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IoT is really about effective data collection ... but for what end? That's a really good question to ask! Sometimes, you might find that having data fed back to you doesn't actually help you. That's good to know. You can carry on as usual. But sometimes, you might figure out that with the correct data feeding back to you, your company could save hundreds of hours a year in manual collecting efforts, or you can streamline your services that result in new revenue opportunities. The key thing is to ask the right questions. Be open to working through some 'what if' scenarios to see if emerging IoT technologies offer efficiencies. It's really exciting how new technology is opening up so many new ways to improve business operations and deliver on greater efficiencies. Benefiting from these technologies doesn't start my jumping all in with both feet, but by sitting down with a good dose of curiosity, looking at how you currently run things, and ask, "What if..?" .Read More
October 30 2023
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Spark New Zealand
Spark New Zealand2017-01-01 - Present
The pace of digital change is unrelenting. New Zealanders expect more every day. More coverage. The latest products. Greater speed. Better bargains. The latest content. New ways of doing business. We’re with you. We want to help all of New Zealand win big in a digital world. Is that ambitious? Absolutely. Too ambitious? Never. It’s bold and strong and requires commitment and purpose. And to deliver on it, at Spark we know we need to keep changing. We’re good with that. .Read More

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