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Aderopo Ayokunle

Aderopo Ayokunle

Aderopo Ayokunle is a highly experienced professional with over 21 years of work experience. He possesses a wide range of skills including MySQL, proteus, HTML/CSS/php/mysql, Linux, and AutoCAD. Based in Nigeria, Aderopo has a passion for problem-solving and has been faced with numerous challenges. Currently, he works as a Development Manager at Kongapay, where he manages various departments to ensure quality code is delivered. Aderopo has also contributed to documentation provided to banks and contributed to the development of endpoints for Konga Online Limited shopping app. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and reading. .Read More

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I just love to code and solve problems. Started coding in my 1st year of University and have never looked back. I have been faced with numerous challenges and have come out stronger. I currently work at Konga as a Development Manager of Kongapay. I get to write code and also manage other devs to ensure quality code is delivered. Job comes with its challenges but that is what makes it fun as we put smiles on our customers faces and i get to learn new things. I was a major contributor to the documentation given to the banks to connect with Kongapay. I also contributed enormously to the code used to start Kongapay. Before starting Kongapay, i was on the magento team in Konga. I was involved in the team that built endpoints for Konga Online Limited shopping app. I was selected to start Kongapay due to my exceptional performance while on the magento team. When not coding or managing devs, I hang out with my family or read. .Read More

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