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Alexandre CHARVET is a highly experienced professional with over 30 years of work experience in various fields such as e-commerce, project management, and IT strategy. He has a strong background in business intelligence, project management, and change management. Currently, he serves as the Group CIO at Egis Easytrip Services in France. Alexandre has held key positions at GEFCO, dentsu, and Xerox, where he has demonstrated his expertise in managing teams and driving business transformation. With his extensive knowledge and skills, Alexandre is a valuable asset in the IT industry. .Read More

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Group CIO at Egis Easytrip Services .Read More

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GEFCO2022-05-01 - Present
As of April 8, 2022 CEVA Logistics has completed the acquisition of GEFCO. With our combined business, we are in our strongest position ever and we continue down a successful path to become a Top 5 global logistics player in the world. Together with a global workforce of more than 110,000 people across 1,300 sites and more than 160 countries, our global network of experts push back boundaries and respond with agility to the most demanding supply chain challenges .Read More

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