Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf is a highly skilled professional with 10.9 years of experience in avionics, aeronautics, aerospace, aerodynamics, and aerospace engineering. Based in Pakistan, he is the CEO of Full Throttle Hobbies. With a strong background in the industry, Ali has held various leadership positions, including Chief Executive Officer and Corporate Relationship Manager at Banking & Finance Magazine in Amsterdam. His expertise and experience make him a valuable asset in the field of aviation and aerospace engineering. .Read More

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CEO Full Throttle Hobbies .Read More

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Banking & Finance Magazine
Since 1990 Banking & Finance offers top-journalism especially for senior executives in the Benelux financial services industry. The magazine issues four magazines per year each in two editions: one for The Netherlands and one for Belgium/Luxembourg. Apart from the magazine the team produces events like round tables and various one-day conferences. Banking & Finance offers information tailored to the needs of decision makers in the FS industry. .Read More

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