Artur Vinglovskyi
Artur Vinglovskyi is a highly experienced professional with over 21 years of work experience. He has a diverse skill set that includes mergers, government liaison, real property, private equity, and joint ventures. Based in Ghana, Artur is seeking new employment and business opportunities. He has extensive experience in large investment projects in various industries such as agribusiness, real estate development, machinery building, energy, retail trade, banking, and financial services. Artur is known for his strong leadership and communication skills, as well as his ability to build and manage projects. .Read More

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Looking for new employemnt and business opportunities * Experience of large investment projects in field of agribusiness, real estate development and construction, machinery building, energy, retail trade, banking and financial services. * Experience in building project teams and project management; * Expert-level knowledge of agribusiness, automotive, banking, development, energy, retail trade and other industries; * Business literate and result-oriented; * Strong leadership and communication skills. .Read More

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