Arun Hutabarat

Arun Hutabarat

Arun Hutabarat is a professional engineer with 22.7 years of experience in telecommunications projects. He has expertise in building data or voice communication. Arun has worked on various projects, including network operation, maintenance, development, deployment, and projects. He is eager to learn and grow, and is passionate about continuous excellence and innovation. Arun has a strong background in program management and project management. He has held positions such as General Manager and Head of Technology Solution Department at PT iForte Global Internet and PASIFIK SATELIT NUSANTARA. .Read More

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Arun Hutabarat is a professional engineer. Twenty Years of experience in telecommunication projects, with experience and expertise in building data or voice communication. Priority in current position is network operation, maintenance's, development, deployment and projects.He eager to learn new things, strive for continued excellence, innovative and creative and he like to see and learn about what people doing, to learn about work, leadership, socialization how to manage work and emotional, and it's good to improve he personal strength.Management Skills;Program Management, Project Management. .Read More

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PT iForte Global Internet
IFORTE (, was formerly known as PT. Prisma Sentra Telekomunikasi. At the start of its operation, this company had a license to provide satellite communication services in Indonesia. In year 2002, the company name was changed to PT. IFORTE SOLUSI INFOTEK, which reflects the corporate vision and mission. At the end of year 2002, iFORTE acquired PT. Powerlan Indonesia, an information technology solution provider which previously had been operating for 12 years in serving the banking and manufacturing industries, from Powerlan Australia, Pty. Ltd. Upon the acquisition, the name was changed from PT. Powerlan Indonesia to PT. IFORTE MITRA INFOTEK. In year 2006, iFORTE established PT. IFORTE SOLUSI ASIA which did concentrate as Business Solution Provider in the areas of Business Application Development, Business Process Alignment and System Implementation. By end of December 2007, the total number of iFORTE employees became 300 IT professionals. In year 2009 through 2010, iFORTE divested PT. IForte Mitra Infotek and PT. IForte Solusi Asia. At that year, iFORTE became a subsidiary of PT. Saratoga Investama Sedaya, Tbk group, which is an active Indonesian investment firm with a unique track record of profitable investments across key sectors of Indonesian economy. Since then, PT. Saratoga Investama Sedaya, Tbk actively contributes to the growth and development of iFORTE current businesses. .Read More

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