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Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill - Present
Located in the rich farming country of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Turkey Hill Dairy produces the fourth largest-selling premium ice cream brand and one of the leading refrigerated iced tea brands in the nation. Over the past 20 years, Turkey Hill has tripled in size and now sells products in 49 states and a dozen countries, on three continents. The company believes that part of its corporate responsibility is to be a good steward of its resources, community, and the world and is actively defining and implementing green initiatives to cut down on waste, reduce packaging, and minimize outputs into the environment. Turkey Hill's commitment to the environment runs deep, enlisting the help of Mother Nature herself in its farm-favorite recipes. The Dairy gathers wind via two on-site turbines to help brew, stir, and churn its products. For more information about Turkey Hill Dairy, visit or follow Turkey Hill Dairy on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook .Read More

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