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ILVA S.p.A. in Extraordinary Administration
ILVA Group is Italy’s biggest steelmaker and one of the most important producers and transformers in Europe, with an output of 5.8 million tonnes in 2016, around 14,000 employees and 15 production facilities. With over 100 years of industrial history behind it, ILVA plays a strategic role in the country’s manufacturing. Its steel feeds the economy’s main industries in fact, including construction, energy, automotive, home appliances, packaging and transport. The Company has been operating under Italian law extraordinary administration since January 2015, headed by Commissioners Piero Gnudi, Enrico Laghi and Corrado Carrubba. In the last two years the Company has worked towards guaranteeing industrial management and at the same time launched a complex environmental upgrading plan, which is still in progress, with reclamation projects and other environmental measures at ILVA Taranto. Further, in line with the strategy of focusing on higher value added products, ILVA has stepped up its concentration on verticalized steels, which now account for around 70% of the product mix, also by means of major investments, especially in the Genova Cornigliano facility. .Read More

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