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Clinton Whiteley, PhD
Clinton Whiteley is a highly experienced professional with 12.5 years of work experience in semiconductors, powder x ray diffraction, and design of experiments. She has a strong background in chemical engineering, crystal growth, and materials science. Clinton has worked in various roles, including Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Leading Technology Composites, Inc. and Senior Research Engineer at the National Institute for Aviation Research. She is skilled in project management, six sigma, and process control. Clinton is known for her expertise in semiconductor physics, process control, and product development. She is currently based in Wichita, Kansas. .Read More

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My education, work, and life experiences have given me the clarity to answer four important questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What is important? What is not important? This clarity allows me to invest my time and energy where it matters and still have time to enjoy my journey. .Read More

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