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Dan Green is a highly experienced professional with over 40 years of work experience. He has held various positions at General Shale in the United States, including Chief Technical Officer, Vice President of Manufacturing, Director of Manufacturing, Regional Production Manager, Plant Manager, and Chief Technical Officer. He has also worked at GE as a Senior Engineer and a Senior Engineer. Dan Green's expertise lies in the oil and gas industry, with a focus on manufacturing and operations. He has a strong track record of success in his career. .Read More

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Happy Veterans Day! General Shale is proud to salute our nation’s men and women who have and are currently serving to protect life, liberty, and the… .Read More
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Build with experience and quality. General Shale is one of America's largest brick, stone and concrete block manufacturers, supplying a wide variety of masonry materials for residential, commercial and specialty architectural projects. These materials include brick, thin veneers, stone, outdoor living kits and various building materials. There are approximately 250 distinct combinations of sizes, colors and textures to complete any building project. .Read More

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