Deborah Campbell
Chief Financial Officer@ Marriott International
Paris, Île-de-France, France
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Deborah Campbell is an experienced finance CEO with 8.3 years of work experience. She is currently a finance CEO for a Marriott company and owns her own property management role. Deborah is known for her exceptional team leadership and successful teams, as well as her innovative strategy and channel builder. She is also skilled in contract negotiation, communication, and creativity. Deborah believes in the importance of identifying and mitigating conflicts in company management and ensuring the successful implementation of business plans. She believes in the importance of cultural environments and entrepreneurship, and she believes that creativity is the key to success in entrepreneurship.
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2015 I became a shareholder of a subsidiary of Marriott Group. I currently work as a finance CEO for a Marriott company and have my own property management role. There are 7 years of experience in the industry. Create products, services and experiences for clients and institutions. Always in a team, never lacking in passion. Specialty: Excellent team leaders and successful teams Excellent team leader and successful team builder, innovative strategist and channel builder, effective Contract negotiation skills, excellent communication skills, able to have good communication skills. The most important thing for the success of a business is creativity. What is more important is not how wonderful and magical the idea itself is, but how unrepeatable it is, the size of the market potential and the feasibility of the implementation plan. 2. The most taboo role conflict in company management. Choose entrepreneurial partners who understand each other well and complement each other. There are 5 people in my team, including product introduction, store management, public relations and chain development of college students' entrepreneurial stories, financial logistics, overall planning, and five major business divisions. Team members perform their own duties. 3. Entrepreneurship is like walking a tightrope. If you are not careful in any place, you will lose all your achievements and even risk your life. Controlling the risks of starting a business is an entrepreneur's skill to protect himself. 4. The internal cultural environment required for entrepreneurship includes mutual trust, core characters, and common beliefs. The external environment required by entrepreneurs, such as the society's understanding and support for entrepreneurs, the government supporting entrepreneurs with various social resources, etc. Only a suitable cultural environment can guarantee entrepreneurial freedom. 5. Entrepreneurship requires creative ideas, but creativity does not equal entrepreneurship. Creativity belongs to the category of consciousness, and entrepreneurship belongs to the category of practice. Starting a business requires at least two or three of factors such as technology, capital, talent, market experience, and management. Otherwise, rushing to start a business will only lead to failure. Only by striving for and utilizing resources can we strive for success in entrepreneurship.

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Roma, Italia, 00100, IT





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