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Yaşar University

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Highly motivated Content Creator and Editor with an eye for detail and passion for crafting stories. Skilled in utilizing new techniques and keeping up with latest trends in writing. Has extensive knowledge of SEO tools. Successful at posting frequently and using content management systems. Works well independently as well as collaboratively. Competent college-level teacher with outstanding analysis, critical thinking and writing skills. Knowledge of various methods to excite students about literature, language and communications. Effectively interest students in subject matter to drive home information and broaden horizons. Polished speaker and presenter with excellent recordkeeping and tutoring skills.

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Research Contact
Research Contact

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San Jose,California,United States

Software Development

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Contact sales to request a demo for Education Experience module.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Derya Bademkıran's phone numbers?

We found 1 Derya Bademkıran's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Derya Bademkıran have?

Derya Bademkıran's social media include: Linkedin, 

What company does Derya Bademkıran work for?

Derya Bademkıran works for Visutate

What is Derya Bademkıran's role in Visutate?

Derya Bademkıran's role in Visutate is lecturer in english content creator editor

Which industry does Derya Bademkıran work in?
Derya Bademkıran works in the industry of Software Development
Who are Derya Bademkıran's colleagues?
Derya Bademkıran's colleagues are Orkun Karabasoglu, PhD,Berkan Özgür,Bilge Buluş
What is Derya Bademkıran's latest job experience?

Derya Bademkıran's latest job experience is lecturer in english content creator editor at Visutate

What is Derya Bademkıran's latest education?

Derya Bademkıran's latest education in Yaşar University

Real-Time AI Research
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Derya Bademkıran has 14.3 years of experience and holds skills such as undefined. Currently works as a lecturer in english content creator editor at Visutate, residing at Turkey, reach out via LinkedIn atıran-488b67167. Employing 10 professionals, contributing to the Software Development market.

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