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Ed Glaser

Ed Glaser is an experienced professional with almost 50 years of work experience in direct marketing, direct mail, lead generation, digital marketing, and multi-channel marketing. Based in the United States, Ed has a proven track record of creating and implementing strategic and tactical solutions that generate results. He is skilled in coordinating multiple projects and tasks and has strong communication and interpersonal skills. Ed is known for his ability to solve business problems at all levels, from small businesses to executive boardsrooms. He consistently exceeds expectations and excels in fast-paced entrepreneurial environments. .Read More

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Exceptional proficiency in business development and marketing. Proven ability to create and implement both strategic and tactical solutions that generate results. Able to coordinate multiple projects and tasks. Strong communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills. Hands on marketer who understands and practices solution selling techniques. Experienced and tested at solving business problems at all levels from small business to the executive boardroom. Consistently exceeds expectations. Performs well in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment where execution, flexibility, leadership, and creativity are valued Specialties: Digital Printing, Direct Marketing, Business Development, Product Development & Marketing, Solution Sales .Read More

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These branded products are made for fun in the sun. .Read More
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