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Herold Gustave is an experienced professional with 18.2 years of work experience in various roles. He has expertise in voip, telecommunications, IP, project management, and wireless. Based in Haiti, Herold has worked in companies like Marriott International, Nathan Associates, and GE, where he has held positions such as IT Manager, Chief Executive Officer, and Local ICT Consultant. He is skilled in building solutions for SME clients, integrating call centers systems, and implementing IVR Tree implementation. Herold's work experience also includes roles at Marriott International, Nathan Associates, and GE. .Read More

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Business Solutions and Business Process Outsourcing Services: We Build Solutions for SME like Customer Retail Management. Integrated Call Center System that allow SME to have their owned and secured UCM. IVR Tree Implementation. We build IT Budget for SME. Making migration from old system to new and high tech systems. We help enterprises reduce technology price. We help SME to reach their prospected Customers through Voice, Email SMS Campaigns and social network campaigns like Facebook and Instagram. The build a concept calls SMS invoices for retailer business where the Market or service provider can send invoices and receipt or ticket using SMS or the notification application. .Read More

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HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (002) was issued by HashiCorp to Jouvain Petit-Frere. .Read More
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Marriott International
Hotellerie .Read More