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Irma Fantini is the Presidenta C.D. at BIBLIOTECA, a company based in Argentina. With extensive experience in general management, she has been instrumental in the success of the company. BIBLIOTECA, founded in 1993, is a leading IT services and consulting firm with a large team of 1001-5000 employees. Irma's expertise and leadership have contributed to the growth and success of the company. .Read More

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Presidenta C.D. en BIBLIOTECA .Read More

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Maximizing the effectiveness of interior design and architectural library resources in the Design and Building Community. BIBLIOTECA is a technical library management company developing and delivering innovative solutions to Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design, Specification Writers and Construction clients. Our solution portfolio includes: • A broad range of architectural library and technical library consulting services including assistance to transition hardcopy technical libraries to digital technical libraries. • caboodle, North America’s leading online digital library system for architecture, interior design libraries providing up-to-date eCatalogues of product information, specification resources as well as company and contact information. • OMTrak providing online tools for the Construction industry to manage documents, (Operations and Maintenance) O&M Manuals, asset delivery, deficiencies and maintenance tracking. .Read More

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