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Jackson Durai is an Executive Assistant to the CEO at LeEco, a technology and internet company based in Beijing, China. With a focus on technology, information, and media, LeEco offers a wide range of products including smartphones, smart TVs, smart home devices, and electric bikes. Jackson has extensive experience working in the General Management department, contributing to the company's success. LeEco, founded in 2004, is a leading provider of smart home technology solutions and has a large team of 501-1000 employees. .Read More

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Executive Assistant to CEO at LeEco .Read More

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About LeEco Letv.com is the world's first public video company. The only fully domestically funded company among China's major Internet companies. The true Internet company among listed companies in China's A-share stock market China's No.1 video company with the highest value in China's GEM board. The earliest copyrighted video website and a committed defender of video copyrights in China. The largest library of online movies and dramas and copyrighted sports videos, and the most professional long-video website. China's first Internet company to own a large film studio The world's first Internet company to own a TV brand. .Read More

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