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Jaime Stump

Jaime Stump is a highly experienced professional with 28.1 years of work experience. He is currently the General Manager at Sonic Drive in Christiansburg, Virginia. Previously, he held various positions in different companies, including Business Owner, Director of Sales-operations, District Manager, and General Manager. Jaime has a strong background in sales and management, with a focus on motor vehicle manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, and transportation equipment manufacturing. He has also worked as a Business Owner at Bright Services and as a District Manager at Alsco. .Read More

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General manager at Sonic drive in .Read More

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Sonic Drive In II1995-10-01 - 2021-10-01

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  • Director Of Sales Operations2022-03-01 - 2023-07-01
    Bright Services is a Thirty (30) year old Full Service Staffing Company headquartered in Virginia with branch Locations in Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. We are in the Temporary Help Services Business in a major way with two (2) Programs of Company Staffing Assistance in order to take care of any and all temporary Help Needs...Long-term or Short-term, Full-Time or Part-Time. We offer a Work-to-Permanent Staffing Program with all the Advantages of Privatized Hiring as well as a Direct Hire Program at Discount Charges. Plus, we offer a Staffing Program for Professional, I.T., Technical, Financial, Accounting & Managerial Positions for Temporary, Work-to-Hire or Direct Hire and a Vendor-On-Premises Program for major users of temporary help and