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Jenelle Matic is an experienced executive with 26.5 years of work experience in the hospital and healthcare industry. She is skilled in operational and strategic management, with a focus on safety and quality. Jenelle has held various positions, including General Manager and Operations Director, in the healthcare sector. She has a strong background in management, research, and leadership. Jenelle is passionate about improving the experience of those in her community and is dedicated to improving the experience of those in her community. She is currently based in Sydney, Australia. .Read More

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Sydney, AU
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Experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. A collaborative and authentic leader, skilled in operational and strategic management. Passionate about safety and quality. Focused on improving the experience of those in our community. .Read More

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Midwifery Training at WSLHD. Come join our team. .Read More
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