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John Tsai

John Tsai is a skilled professional in Google Reader, based in the United States. He is the owner of Polosoft Inc. With extensive work experience at Inventec in Taiwan, he has held various roles including Manager and Owner in the General Management department. Inventec, a company specializing in software development, has a large workforce of 1001-5000 employees. John Tsai's expertise and leadership have contributed to the success of the company. .Read More

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Owner at Polosoft Inc. .Read More

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Founded in 1975, Inventec manufactures computers, telephones, notebooks, and servers and has developed a strong foundation for global success. Upon entering the 21st century, our company has become even more active in such industries as cloud computing, wireless communication, intelligent devices, IoT, and green energy. For many years, the business concepts of Inventec have been “Innovation, Quality, Open Mind, and Execution.” Thanks to our variety of products, strategic alliances, supply-chain integration, expanded business scale, and enhanced long-term competitiveness, we have become among the best system, software, and service company. At the forefront of our corporate beliefs are “Talent Assets” and “Social Responsibility.” The combination of business concepts and corporate beliefs create the core of Inventec that encourages us to embrace sustainable operations.- .Read More

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