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Josh Reeves is a Global Brand & Operations executive with 25.9 years of experience. He specializes in tranforming and growing various brands, identifying gaps, creating action, and growing revenue channels. Josh has held various leadership positions in companies such as SupportNinja, Austin Contact Center Alliance, Humach, ANDX, and Xerox. He is skilled in leadership, strategy, management, call centers, sales, and business strategy. Josh is based in San Antonio, Texas. .Read More

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Global Brand & Operations executive focused on tranforming and growing some of the most well known brands of today. My strategic approach identifies gaps, creates action, and grows revenue channels enabling rapid business growth and profitability. .Read More

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Sales People..... why are you spending 9-12-15 months chasing a prospect. If you're not ready to contract within 3 months, put them in a nurture bucket and focus your time on deals who are ready. I'm talking about BPO sales of $1M+. This is not "cherry picking" and we aren't short cutting the sales process. This is sticking to OUR process and not being a free resource for someone to ultimately come in and "go a different direction". There are NO free moves. I am successful year after year because I'm strategic, targeted, and my process is efficient. If you want free resources, get a library card. If you want to solve problems and be valuable, don't allow your time to be wasted. #CloseMore #BPO #Sales .Read More
October 11 2023
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