Justine Geboers

Justine Geboers

Justine Geboers is an experienced and award-winning leader with over 31 years of work experience. She has a diverse skill set including sales management, team leadership, account management, advertising, and sales. Justine is known for delivering quality results in sales, gross profit, and front line contributions. She is a self-starter who takes pride in creating a strong business presence and orchestrating multiple activities to achieve goals. Justine has held various managerial positions in companies such as Westburne A Div Rexel Canada Inc., Masonlift LTD, Houle, Gescan, and GE. She is based in Canada-British Columbia-Delta. .Read More

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An experienced, award winning leader, respected for delivering quality results in sales, gross profit, and front line contributions. A proven self-starter who takes pride in creating a strong business presence in a leadership role. Orchestrates multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal. .Read More

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I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Branch Manager at Westburne A Div Rexel Canada Inc. this coming Monday. Looking forward to meeting the team! .Read More
August 09 2022
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Westburne A Div Rexel Canada Inc.
Westburne in brief Westburne Inc, is a leading integrated distributor of industrial, construction-related and MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) supplies and equipment to customers across North America. To provide the focused expertise and quick response customers rightly demand, we operate through five product groups, each with autonomous marketing and sales teams: * Electrical * Oil & Gas Field * Industrial Products * Plumbing and Waterworks * Refrigeration and HVAC In 1951 we started out as the Westburne Oil Company, supplying the industrial needs of the oil patch. Today Westburne id North America's largest distributor of electrical, plumbing, heating, refrigeration, industrial and telecommunications and electronic products. We have 21 regional divisions, over 326 branches across Canada as well as 76 branches in 18 U.S. States. We sell 65,000 different products and employ over 6,000 people. Presently, Westburne Inc. Has sales of $2.2 billion annually. Key Factors that Distinguish Westburne: * Corporate size * Huge investment in inventory * Computerized accounting and inventory management * On-Site training facilities * Continuous Improvement Program on processes for employees * Competitive product and service pricing * Materials & project management: Experience, system development Westburne is diversified both geographically and by product group, operating in a stable economic environment of low interest rates and positive growth. The company offers a wealth of opportunity, form both internal operations through improvement of branch profitability and sales growth, and from acquisitions. Now that the organizational structure and management are realigned by product group, and with the backing of a very strong balance