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Kristoforus Giovanni
Kristoforus Giovanni is an experienced professional with 8.2 years of work experience. He has a strong skill set in SAP, SAP MM, SAP implementation, Microsoft Office, and channel partners. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kristoforus has worked in various roles, including Human Resources and General Affairs Manager at Indomarco Adi Prima and Purchasing at PT. Surya TOTO Indonesia Tbk. He has also gained valuable experience in building and implementing software for Vinmo Digital Indonesia. Kristoforus's expertise and diverse work experience make him a valuable asset in the field of management and finance. .Read More

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Vinmo is an Earned Wage Access platform that was developed to promote financial wellness for employees in Indonesia.By partnering with employers with no change of payroll process – and at no cost, to provide advance salary withdrawal options for your employees, we enable employees to cover emergency or unforeseen events causing cash flow issues, without dealing with high fees typically charged by predatory lenders. .Read More

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Indomarco Adi Prima2019-07-01 - Present
Indomarco Adi Prima (IAP) is a fully subsidiary of Indofood that operating as strategic business unit in distribution. We have the most extensive distribution network in Indonesia, reach out to almost every remote spot in the country. Since 2005, our stock point quantity has been growing significantly that enable us to penetrate and compete by delivering the product through efficient supply chain. .Read More