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Kristyn Antonio is an experienced Relationship Specialist with 19.6 years of work experience in the financial services industry. She has a strong background in sales, hospitality, team building, marketing, and meeting planning. Kristyn has worked at various companies, including Emprise Bank, Enterprise Bank Omaha, UMB Bank, and FNBO. She is skilled in customer service, meeting planning, and customer satisfaction. Kristyn is based in the United States and has a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. .Read More

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Experienced Relationship Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Strong operations professional skilled in Sales, Hospitality Industry, Team Building, Marketing, and Meeting Planning. .Read More

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Emprise Bank2022-02-01 - Present
We are not your traditional community bank, nor do we want to be. We are a customer-focused, innovative driven financial institution who champions our customers’ ambitions. Backed by an exceptional team and vibrant culture, our mission is to empower people to thrive through personalized solutions and services. At Emprise, we understand that nobody loves to bank. People love what banking can help them achieve—like their first home to start a family, a new car to take on road trips, or opening the business they’ve always dreamed of running. We get that. And here’s the good news. We do love banking. Finding more ways to say “yes.” Unlocking the potential of your financial aspirations and working alongside you to achieve your goals with forward-looking solutions. We know people need a partner, not just another bank. .Read More

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