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Leins Wang, PMP is a highly experienced professional with 15.3 years of work experience in the construction industry. He has held various positions at RIB Software in Germany, including Deputy General Manager of Digitalization Subsidiary and Head of Shanghai Region. Leins has also worked as a Project Manager, Senior Consultant, and Construction Consultant at RIB Software. With a focus on digitalization and innovation, Leins has a strong background in the construction sector. He is currently based in Shanghai, China. .Read More

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Digitization and Innovation for construction. .Read More

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Changjiang Jinggong Steel Building (Group) Co., Ltd
Changjiang Jinggong Steel Building (Group) Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 600496) was established in 1999. As an industrial leader in the field of structural steel fabrication, we specialize in the architectural design, research and development, marketing, manufacturing and construction of steel structure products. We offer a comprehensive range of steel structure systems, including the high-rise heavy steel structure system featured with commercial office buildings, hotels, and high-rise residential buildings, the large-span steel structure system highlighted by airports, conference and exhibition centers, stadiums and other public buildings, the light steel structure system represented by industrial buildings for various purposes, warehouses, supermarkets and multi-layer steel structure building, the super-light comprehensive residential system and supportive new building materials system. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of services including D&B, consultancy and other engineering services related to steel structure products. .Read More

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