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Lucio Lavacchielli

Lucio Lavacchielli

Lucio Lavacchielli is a highly experienced professional with 19.5 years of work experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has a strong background in chemistry, chemistry, R&D, and manufacturing. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Zach System, a fine chemical company, where he operates in an international context and collaborates with other operational areas. Lucio's expertise extends to managing working groups and complex projects, improving his organizational and coordination skills. He is known for his excellent communication, mediation, and adaptation skills, as well as his pragmatic and operative style. .Read More

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My education includes a degree in chemistry, supplemented by post-graduate technical and managerial widenings. To date I have reached almost twenty years experience in the chemical pharmaceutical industry, mainly in technical areas. Here I have held positions of increasing responsibility in several functional areas, such as Research and Development, Production, Planning, Logistics and Purchasing, where I acquired extensive expertise over time, both technical and managerial. Currently I am Chief Executive Officer at Zach System, the fine chemical company of Zambon group. This role leads me to operate in an international context and allows me to cooperate with other operational areas both outside and inside the company. The ongoing management of working groups and complex projects, allowed me to improve my organizational and coordination skills. I also have good communication , mediation and adaptation skills, combined with a pragmatic, operative style, aimed at problems solving. .Read More

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