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Luiz Mitidiero is a highly experienced professional with 17.2 years of work experience in various roles. He is skilled in jquery, ruby, mongodb, jsf, and jpa. Based in Brazil, Luiz has a passion for technology and has worked with his wife using mIRC scripting. He is known for his ability to build things and see people using what he made. Luiz is a seasoned entrepreneur and excels at managing people and expectations. He has a strong design eye and is passionate about bringing ideas to life. .Read More

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I love to work with technology and it has been part of my life since always. I met my wife using mIRC and I started developing using mIRC scripting since I was 12. I love to build stuff and see people using what I made. It is an immeasurable pleasure for me. I'm an entrepreneur. I love to work with product teams and helping with the creation phase. I'm very good at managing people and expectations. I consider myself a good leader and I think other people see me like that as well. I had experience with many different technologies, like Java, Ruby, Angular, React, NoSQL databases, GraphQL and many more. I have a design eye and I think it helps me on putting my self on my users' shoes. I love to bring ideas to life :) .Read More

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Picture this: You wake up, grab your morning coffee, and dive headfirst into the labyrinth of code. As soon as you start, you realize you're stuck and probably would benefit from pair programming. You ask your colleague, Devin. Devin stands ready to join you on this epic journey and quickly understand everything you're doing and what you need to accomplish without a single word from you. With Devin's support, you quickly finished your task and freed your time and mind to think about broader issues that need creativity, which is something Devin can't do. Devin knows how to solve problems already solved before and understands patterns, but it can't innovate and shape the future of humanity. As software engineers, we are used to shaping other people's lives, but this time, somebody is changing how we do things. I know it seems scary. However, Devin AI, such as GPT-3, 4 (and now 5), and many other LLMs and AI tools, are ~only tools~ that are great for helping us get free from mundane issues that drain our energy.  We should be ready to do more and be more than ever. .Read More
March 26 2024
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