M.Raja Mohamed

Saudi Arabia

Madurai Kamaraj University

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Civil Engineer with over 20 years of experience (including 6 years oil & gas field experience) in Project Management and Civil Construction in India and Middle East. Currently associated with EMCO QATAR as Project Manager; with merit of completing major Projects in UAE,KSA&INDIA.-Significant experience in managing projects for the construction of multi-storey residential commercial towers, Renovations and modifications of old buildings, Oil & Gas industries works, bridges and tunnels. Expertise in independently managing & ramping up projects with competent cross-functional skills, emphasising on multi-disciplinary coordination and troubleshooting quality related issues using sophisticated techniques. Awareness of modern construction technology and treatments. Well versed in contract negotiations & management, projects estimations, document preparation, regulating material purchasing, site management & project execution. Excellent relationship management, communication skills with the ability to network with project members, clients, consultants, contractors, statutory agencies with consummate ease. Possesses strong negotiation and convincing skills. Capacity to maintain strong relations with executive and judiciary bodies. Experience of working in cross-cultural and multi-lingual environment.

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Facilities Services

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Dubai,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

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Frequently asked questions

What is M.Raja Mohamed's email address?

We found 1 M.Raja Mohamed's email addresses

Which social media profiles does M.Raja Mohamed have?

M.Raja Mohamed's social media include: Linkedin, 

What company does M.Raja Mohamed work for?

M.Raja Mohamed works for EMCO QATAR

What is M.Raja Mohamed's role in EMCO QATAR?

M.Raja Mohamed's role in EMCO QATAR is project manager at emco qatar

Which industry does M.Raja Mohamed work in?
M.Raja Mohamed works in the industry of Facilities Services
Who are M.Raja Mohamed's colleagues?
M.Raja Mohamed's colleagues are DINESH SUBRAMANI,shibu am,Ranjan J
What is M.Raja Mohamed's latest job experience?

M.Raja Mohamed's latest job experience is project manager at emco qatar at EMCO QATAR

What is M.Raja Mohamed's latest education?

M.Raja Mohamed's latest education in Madurai Kamaraj University

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M.Raja Mohamed carries 20.8 years of experience, with a skill set including undefined, currently in the role of project manager at emco qatar at EMCO QATAR. Located in Saudi Arabia, find [him/her/them] on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/m-raja-mohamed-3337433b. Past companies: [object Object]. The company currently has 663 employees, contributing to the Facilities Services market.

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