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Matthew Davidson is a progressive thinker with 25.2 years of experience in technology and leadership. He is skilled in Microsoft Exchange, servers, networking, VPN, and security. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Matthew is known for his innovative approach and ability to drive innovation. He has developed and implemented strategic technology plans that reduce costs while increasing service, productivity, and profitability. Matthew is also a member of two national AEC industry peer groups and maintains open dialogue with select industry peers. He specializes in technology executive, strategic technology planning, and business partner development.
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As a transformative technology leader, my passion is deeply rooted in leveraging technology to drive strategy, innovation, and redefine its role in business. I view technology as more than just a tool: it's an innovative catalyst, propelling organizations forward rather than serving as a mere reactionary fix.With extensive experience in the tech industry, I bring to the table a deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. I'm unwavering in my commitment to align these innovations with our clients' strategic objectives. My track record stands testament to my proficiency in identifying growth opportunities within organizations and translating them into tangible, successful outcomes.At the core of my approach is a simple yet compelling philosophy: technology should be a strategic enabler, not a barricade. I work tirelessly to foster a tech-driven culture, emphasizing creative problem-solving, continuous learning, and innovative thinking.I firmly believe that technology reaches its full potential when integrated harmoniously into a company's strategy, going beyond mere implementation. It's about understanding its potential for driving strategic, sustainable growth.Known for my progressive mindset, I stay abreast of new trends and innovations, always aiming to harness them for our clients' benefit. I don't just adapt to technological advancement; I anticipate and leverage it.Throughout my journey, I've welcomed the challenges posed by disruptive technology, leading initiatives that push conventional boundaries. The outcomes? Proactive strategies, pioneering solutions, and teams that don't just adapt to the future—they shape it.

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1999 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, California, 95008, US
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