Michelle Melick

Greater Sydney Area
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Marketing Analyst at DataDevice

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Research Contact

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IT Services and IT Consulting

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Data Device Corporation

Bohemia,New York,United States

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Rosehill,New South Wales,Australia

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The Nuance Group


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Contact sales to request a demo for Education Experience module.
Contact sales to request a demo for Education Experience module.




Customer Service

Inventory Management

Visual Merchandising

Store Management

Retail Sales




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Contact sales to request a demo for Skill module.

Frequently asked questions

What is Michelle Melick's email address?

We found 1 Michelle Melick's email addresses

What is Michelle Melick's phone numbers?

We found 1 Michelle Melick's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Michelle Melick have?

Michelle Melick's social media include: Linkedin, 

What company does Michelle Melick work for?

Michelle Melick works for Onshoring

What is Michelle Melick's role in Onshoring?

Michelle Melick's role in Onshoring is Retail Merchandising Specialist

Which industry does Michelle Melick work in?
Michelle Melick works in the industry of IT Services and IT Consulting
Who are Michelle Melick's colleagues?
Michelle Melick's colleagues are Quinton Boltin,Dion Huntley,Quinton Boltin
What is Michelle Melick's latest job experience?

Michelle Melick's latest job experience is Retail Merchandising Specialist at Onshoring

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Michelle Melick possesses 31.9 years of experience and is skilled in Fashion, presently serving as a Retail Merchandising Specialist at Onshoring. Located in Greater Sydney Area, find [him/her/them] on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-melick-9411b2b8. Past companies: [object Object]. Part of a 7-strong workforce. Part of the IT Services and IT Consulting landscape.

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