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Mombang Sihite

Mombang Sihite is an experienced Project Engineer with 33.8 years of work experience. He has a strong skill set in project planning, management, business development, and marketing. Based in Indonesia, Mombang has worked in various roles, including as a Project Engineer and General Manager, specializing in Building Automation System Construction and Application. He has also held positions at Azbil Southeast Asia & India and BLANK, where he has demonstrated his expertise in sales and engineering, business planning, and cash flow management. Mombang's extensive experience and skills make him a valuable asset in the field of project management. .Read More

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Experienced as a Project Engineer till a Project Manager for Building Automation System Construction and Application, As a Application Understood PID Control for Air Handling Unit, Air Quality, CO2, CO, Chiller Sequence Control as a Project Manager understood Project Planning, Master Schedule, Curve-S, Cost Control, Coordination with Main Contractor, As a General Manager understood to manage one Department or Division with Managers for Business Plan, Strategic Action Plan, Reporting, P/L and Daily Improvement. As a Director understood to manage General Manager for sales and engineering, Business Plan, Action Plan, Business Development, Business Expansion, P/L, cash flow, etc .Read More

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