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Nadeem Salman is a highly experienced professional with 17.1 years of work experience. He possesses a diverse skill set including marketing strategy, sales, customer service, and business planning. Based in Toronto, Canada, Nadeem has worked in various industries such as plastic extrusion plants, oil field, industrial kitchens, and plastic thermoformed products. He is known for his exceptional team leadership and proficiency in Microsoft Office. Nadeem has held positions as Director of Business Development at tossdown Inc. and Kara Mia, where he showcased his expertise in business development and leadership. .Read More

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*Production Engineer- Plastic extrusion plant* Sales Engineer- Oil field, Industrial Kitchens, Plastic thermoformed products* Customer service Manager* Entrepreneur- Food Service .Read More

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tossdown Inc.
tossdown Inc.2016-08-01 - Present
Tossdown is a cloud based platform purposely built for the food industry. The technology platform empowers food businesses through customer insights and generate consistent revenue across multiple channels. .Read More

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