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Nishant Thomas is an experienced Product Owner at VMware, specializing in engineering digital customer experience. With 6.3 years of work experience, he has a strong background in marketing and marketing. Nishant holds an MBA with majors in Marketing from the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. He has worked on various committees, including Placement, L'Attitude, and Great Lakes Run. Nishant is a believer in the power of technology to be an enabler and problem solver, and he is passionate about making a positive impact in society. .Read More

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Experienced Product Owner working at VMware where I and my team specifically focus on engineering digital customer experience through providing solutions around demand and lead generation, journey orchestration and personalization, web experience management and more. I hold an MBA with majors in Marketing from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai where I graduated magna cum laude with a 3.32 GPA. At Great Lakes, I was involved with the Placement, L'Attitude (annual business fest) and Great Lakes Run committees. My favourite subjects were Consumer Behaviour, Economics, Business Analytics and Managerial Accounting & Decision Making. I am a strong believer in the narrative that technology has massive potential to be an enabler and a problem solver around the greatest issues we face as a society, and I aspire to play a small part in making that happen. .Read More

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