Olav Kjørven

Oslo, Oslo, Norway
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Olav Kjørven

Oslo, Oslo, Norway
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The George Washington University



25 years of national and international policy experience in the areas of international development, environment, health, climate change, democratic governance, legal empowerment, children's human rights, public sector management. This includes 20 years of political and senior leadership experience. Goal: To contribute to a better future for people and planet, by taking collaboration for global problem solving to a new level, working across governments, markets and civil society. For the last several years centrally involved in steering UN-wide efforts in the following areas:- defining the global development agenda beyond 2015, through unprecedented consultations all over the world, analytical work, and advice to senior policymakers around the world- advocating globally for the rights and well-being of children, and mobilizing political and financial support for the work of UNICEF- the UN's engagement with the G20- the Secretary General's Sustainable Energy for All initiativeOn the Board of Executive Directors for EARTH University, Costa Rica

Olav Kjørven In Short

Olav Kjorven is a highly experienced professional with 35.9 years of work experience in international development, sustainable development, public policy, climate change, and human rights. He has a strong background in leadership and has worked in various leadership roles, including Chief Executive Officer and Senior Strategy Officer at EAT. Olav is currently based in Oslo, Norway and has a deep understanding of global problem-solving and international affairs. He is passionate about contributing to a better future for people and planet and has a track record of leading UN-wide efforts.

Olav Kjørven's Professional Milestones

  • Director Of Environment And Energy (2005-03-01~2007-01-01): Driving sustainable practices and implementing sustainable policies to foster positive environmental impact.
  • Director Of Public Partnerships (2014-07-01~2017-07-01): Building strategic partnerships to expand market presence and drive organizational success.
  • Director Bureau For Development Policy (2007-02-01~2013-09-01): Implemented effective strategies for impactful development programs, positioning the organization as a market leader in advanced technology.
  • Environmental Specialist (1992-01-01~1997-01-01): Implementing sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint and promote a greener future.
  • Announcer | Reporter (1988-01-01~1989-01-01): Produced accurate and high-quality content, capturing the attention of the audience through informative and timely interviews.
  • Chief Strategy Officer (2017-08-01~): Developed and implemented strategies to drive organizational growth and maximize profitability.
  • Special Advisor To The Administrator (2013-10-01~2014-07-01): Supporting the administrator in achieving strategic objectives and improving operational efficiency.
  • Senior Director Of Strategy (2017-08-01~): Developed and implemented strategic initiatives, resulting in business growth and increased market share.
  • Chief Executive Officer (2023-05-01~): Transformed company operations to drive organizational growth and achieve sustainable growth.
  • Senior Director Of Strategy (2017-08-01~2023-05-01): Driving strategic initiatives to enhance operational efficiency and achieve significant cost savings.
  • Chief Executive Officer: Transformed company operations, paving the way for increased profitability and improved company performance.
  • Chief Executive Officer: Achieved record-breaking growth through strategic leadership and effective leadership.

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Research Contact

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Government Administration

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International Development

Sustainable Development

Public Policy

Climate Change

Human Rights

Policy Analysis

International Relations


Capacity Building

Civil Society

Environmental Policy




Corporate Social Responsibility

Technical Assistance

Poverty Reduction

Proposal Writing


Economic Development


International Organizations

Social Media

Program Evaluation


Foreign Policy

Environmental Awareness

Conflict Analysis


European Union

Strategic Communications

Rural Development

Environmental Impact Assessment


Public/private Partnerships

Knowledge Management

Capacity Development

Food Security

Political Science

Climate Change Adaptation

Energy Policy

Millennium Development Goals

Public Diplomacy

Sustainable Energy

Foreign Affairs

Public Administration

Natural Resource Management

Stakeholder Engagement

Environmental Issues

Conservation Issues


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Frequently asked questions

What is Olav Kjørven's email address?

We found 4 Olav Kjørven's email addresses

What is Olav Kjørven's phone numbers?

We found 3 Olav Kjørven's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Olav Kjørven have?

Olav Kjørven's social media include: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, 

What company does Olav Kjørven work for?

Olav Kjørven works for EAT

What is Olav Kjørven's role in EAT?

Olav Kjørven's role in EAT is Chief Executive Officer

Which industry does Olav Kjørven work in?
Olav Kjørven works in the industry of Government Administration
Government Administration

Who are Olav Kjørven's colleagues?
Olav Kjørven's colleagues are Tomas Alfred Røen,Iain Shepherd,Bjørn Terje Bjerkan
Tomas Alfred Røen,
Iain Shepherd,
Bjørn Terje Bjerkan

What is Olav Kjørven's latest job experience?

Olav Kjørven's latest job experience is Chief Executive Officer at EAT

What is Olav Kjørven's latest education?

Olav Kjørven's latest education in The George Washington University

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