Oliver Ostlander

Naples, Florida, United States
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Oliver Ostlander

Naples, Florida, United States
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Oliver Ostlander In Short

Oliver Ostlander is a highly experienced professional with 26.9 years of work experience in various fields such as process improvement, vendor management, leadership, insurance, and healthcare. He has held key positions in reputable companies like Sedgwick, Orchid Medical, EK Health Services Inc., and Coventry Health Care. Oliver has a strong background in strategic planning, business development, and customer service. He is skilled in areas such as claims management, product marketing, and healthcare information technology. Oliver is based in the United States and has a proven track record in driving business growth and delivering results.

Oliver Ostlander's Professional Milestones

  • IT Manager (1999-01-01~2004-01-01): Implementing cutting-edge IT solutions to enhance productivity and drive efficiency across all departments.
  • Clinical Systems Developer (1997-01-01~1999-01-01): Transformed patient care through innovative clinical processes, resulting in enhanced outcomes and improved healthcare outcomes.
  • Vice President Of Operations Business Development (2009-07-01~2011-06-01): Driving strategic partnerships and streamlining operations to enhance revenue and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Executive Director Service Center Operations (2006-10-01~2009-05-01): Streamlined service center operations, optimizing efficiency and maximizing customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Director Of Product (2005-07-01~2006-10-01): Achieved company-wide revenue growth through strategic product development and successful collaborations with industry leaders.
  • Product And Development Manager (2004-01-01~2005-07-01): Developing cutting-edge product strategies and driving successful product launches.
  • Chief Information Officer (2012-07-01~): Transformed the company's information systems and technologies, improving transparency and efficiency.
  • Senior Vice President Operations And Technology (2011-07-01~2012-08-01): Streamlined operations and technology capabilities to optimize efficiency and drive sustainable growth.
  • Senior Vice President Application Development (2022-07-01~): Developed successful applications and solutions, driving client satisfaction and strengthening company's drive business growth.

Oliver Ostlander's Emails and Phone Numbers

Research Contact
Research Contact

Work Experience

Orchid Medical, Inc.

Orlando,Florida,United States

Hospitals and Health Care

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London,England,United States

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EK Health Services Inc.

San Jose,California,United States

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United States

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Los Angeles,California,United States

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Skills Radar Chart


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Process Improvement

Vendor Management





Managed Care

Workers Compensation

Strategic Planning


Business Process Improvement


Claims Management

Product Marketing

Business Process


Executive Management

Health Insurance

Business Development

Customer Service

P&c Insurance


Employee Benefits

Software Documentation


Healthcare Management

Risk Management



Business Analysis

Quality Assurance


Human Resources


Network Development

Healthcare Consulting

Data Management

Quality Control

Enterprise Software

Product Management



Project Planning


Product Development

Provider Relations


Healthcare Information Technology




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Frequently asked questions

What is Oliver Ostlander's email address?

We found 5 Oliver Ostlander's email addresses

What is Oliver Ostlander's phone numbers?

We found 2 Oliver Ostlander's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Oliver Ostlander have?

Oliver Ostlander's social media include: Linkedin, Twitter, 

What company does Oliver Ostlander work for?

Oliver Ostlander works for Orchid Medical, Inc.

What is Oliver Ostlander's role in Orchid Medical, Inc.?

Oliver Ostlander's role in Orchid Medical, Inc. is Chief Information Officer

Which industry does Oliver Ostlander work in?
Oliver Ostlander works in the industry of Hospitals and Health Care
Hospitals and Health Care

Who are Oliver Ostlander's colleagues?
Oliver Ostlander's colleagues are Paul Taylor,David Bedard, ATP, CHAMP,Brian Carwile
Paul Taylor,
David Bedard, ATP, CHAMP,
Brian Carwile

What is Oliver Ostlander's latest job experience?

Oliver Ostlander's latest job experience is Chief Information Officer at Orchid Medical, Inc.

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