Orlin Wetzker

Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area
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University of Washington


Orlin Wetzker

Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area
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University of Washington



Orlin Wetzker fine tunes businesses to increase earnings through new technology and consumer products. He has demonstrated expertise in 2 primary areas. First in architecting new product solutions that meet the needs of both the customer and the business. Second in building high productivity teams that rapidly bring new products to life. The combination of these two attributes results in a step change in revenue that result in greater earnings for the business.Orlin has provided consulting services in the areas of project management systems, software development and small business process. He places an emphasis on implementing repeatable and sustainable processes for continued value after the implementation is complete. Having implemented significate changes in very large organization, he is adept at implementing change by working closely with key decision makers and influencers. Orlin believes that individuals are the key to successful businesses. He looks to align business goals with individual motivations to bring the organization into alignment. Management techniques and biases that are out of alignment with business goals are leveraged areas of improvement. Better products and better outcomes are the by product of aligned and motivated individuals that enjoy what they are doing.

Orlin Wetzker In Short

Orlin Wetzker is a highly experienced professional with 27.2 years of work experience in program management, project management, product development, testing, and leadership. Based in South Ogden, Utah, Orlin has a strong background in fine tuning businesses to increase earnings through new technology and consumer products. He has a proven track record of architecting new product solutions that meet customer needs and building high productivity teams. Orlin's expertise lies in implementing sustainable processes and aligning business goals with motivations to drive success. He is known for aligning business goals with motivation and aims to align business goals with individual motivations.

Orlin Wetzker's Professional Milestones

  • Truste (2018-03-01~2019-08-01): Achieved impeccable client satisfaction by providing exceptional service and gaining valuable industry experience.
  • Director Of Product Launch (2008-06-01~2009-07-01): Successfully launched a new brand, exceeding sales targets and driving market efficiency.
  • Manager (2009-07-01~2011-02-01): Implementing effective strategies to improve team performance and improve overall organizational productivity.
  • Chief Executive Officer (2017-03-01~): Transformed the company's strategy, driving revenue growth and establishing a strong market presence.
  • Specialist Engineer (1996-09-01~2000-07-01): Designing and implementing cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the workplace.
  • Senior Consultant (2000-08-01~2008-06-01): Provided expert insights and recommendations to clients, enhancing their professional growth and efficiency.
  • Director Of Product Launch (2008-06-01~2009-07-01): Streamlined launches through strategic planning and implementation of seamless product launch processes.
  • software project manager - consultant (2014-03-01~2015-09-01): Successfully coordinated and delivered complex software projects on time and within budget.
  • Chief Operating Officer (2015-10-01~2017-03-01): Implementing efficient processes and maximizing productivity to drive company-wide productivity and profitability.
  • Founder (2013-10-01~): Building a successful startup from scratch, empowering executives and fostering a reputation for excellence.
  • Director Program Management Office (2021-11-01~): Implementing strategic initiatives to enhance program performance and foster collaboration among organization departments.
  • Chief Technology Officer (2021-04-01~2021-12-01): Driving technological advancements and driving innovation to propel the company's technological and financial stability.
  • Chief Executive Officer (2017-03-01~2021-04-01): Driving strategic initiatives that propel company growth and maximize shareholder value.
  • Chief Executive Officer: Transformed company culture and performance, resulting in increased profitability and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • manager electronics and controls: Implementing efficient control systems and processes to optimize data collection and distribution for enhanced communication and data safety.
  • Chief Executive Officer | Founder: Driving strategic initiatives and establishing a thriving company from the ground up, revolutionizing the industry.

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Research Contact
Research Contact

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Program Management

Project Management

Product Development




Project Planning

Strategic Planning


Process Improvement

Engineering Management

Systems Thinking

Cross Functional Team Leadership

Change Management

Software Documentation

Process Engineering

Business Process

Solar Energy

Renewable Energy

Lean Manufacturing

Business Development

Root Cause Analysis

Continuous Improvement

Operations Management




Contract Management


Business Strategy

Theory Of Constraints


Ms Project

Management Consulting


Project Portfolio Management

Start Ups

Quality Management

Atlassian Jira

Project Engineering

Process Simulation



Design Of Experiments

Alternative Energy

Toyota Production System


Product Management

Software Project Management



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Frequently asked questions

What is Orlin Wetzker's email address?

We found 3 Orlin Wetzker's email addresses

What is Orlin Wetzker's phone numbers?

We found 1 Orlin Wetzker's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Orlin Wetzker have?

Orlin Wetzker's social media include: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, 

What company does Orlin Wetzker work for?

Orlin Wetzker works for KRYSALIS

What is Orlin Wetzker's role in KRYSALIS?

Orlin Wetzker's role in KRYSALIS is Chief Executive Officer | Founder

What is Orlin Wetzker's latest job experience?

Orlin Wetzker's latest job experience is Chief Executive Officer | Founder at KRYSALIS

What is Orlin Wetzker's latest education?

Orlin Wetzker's latest education in University of Washington

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