Otto de Graaf

Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands
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Leiden University


Otto de Graaf

Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands
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Leiden University



As a former musician, I've seen magic happen on stage, when everything comes together, and individual musicians morph into a band that acts as a single living being. In my professional life in Customer Experience and Marketing Technology, I'm always looking to recreate that kind of magic. For many software companies, the magic starts at the intersection of Strategy, Product and Market(ing), and aligning these to achieve the best results for the business. I enjoy the puzzle of creating sustainable growth value propositions that make the organization work in unison. I love evangelizing those value propositions with colleagues, customers, partners and analysts around the world, and make sure that strategy and execution go hand in hand. My archetype is a sagely Priest, and my MBTI profile is ENFP. When I'm not working, I love to spend time with my family, and occasionally make some music…

Otto de Graaf In Short

Otto de Graaf is a former musician with 28.9 years of experience in product management, enterprise software, product marketing, strategy, and strategic partnerships. He is based in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Otto is passionate about reviving magic in software companies and aligning them with the best results for the business. He enjoys creating sustainable growth value propositions and evangelizing them with colleagues, customers, partners, and analysts worldwide. Otto's archetype is a sagely Priest and his MBTI profile is ENFP. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and making music.

Otto de Graaf's Professional Milestones

  • Guest Teacher (2016-10-01~2020-04-01): Inspired a love for learning for the students, pushing them towards academic excellence and success.
  • Co-Founder (2017-04-01~): Established a successful startup, leading to exponential growth and growth in the industry.
  • Director Of Product Management (2000-08-01~2005-12-01): Driving product strategy and innovation to elevate market position and achieve industry-leading sales.
  • Moderator (2018-11-01~2020-05-01): Creating unique and functional designs for unique design concepts for clients.
  • Advisory Board Member (2012-01-01~2013-01-01): Provided strategic guidance to board members, fostering a positive and productive work environment.
  • Businessline Manager (1996-07-01~2000-07-01): Successfully implemented a strategic plan, driving revenue growth and expanding customer base.
  • Developer | Trainer (1995-01-01~1996-06-01): Guided and empowered tech professionals to become successful developers, fostering a passion for learning and productivity.
  • Chief Marketing Officer | Co-Founder (2021-07-01~2022-11-01): Developing and implementing successful marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness and increase customer engagement.
  • Vice President Corporate Marketing (2010-07-01~2012-01-01): Developed and executed successful marketing campaigns, driving increased brand awareness and revenue growth.
  • Businessline Manager (1996-07-01~2000-07-01): Implemented strategic initiatives, optimizing operational efficiency and driving business growth.
  • Developer | Trainer (1995-01-01~1996-06-01): Developed and implemented a comprehensive training program to enhance the technical skills of developers and users.
  • Chief Executive Officer (2022-11-01~): Transforming company culture through strategic leadership and impactful performance strategies.
  • Vice President Of Strategy And Acquisitions (2012-01-01~2014-08-01): Transformed the portfolio through strategic planning and strategic acquisitions, resulting in significant revenue and company expansion.
  • Vice President Of Products And Solutions (2006-01-01~2010-06-01): Driving strategic initiatives to redefine product offerings and redefine market share, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Chief Executive Officer: Driving strategic initiatives and expanding market share to drive growth and achieve organizational goals.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Otto de Graaf's email address?

We found 2 Otto de Graaf's email addresses

What is Otto de Graaf's phone numbers?

We found 1 Otto de Graaf's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Otto de Graaf have?

Otto de Graaf's social media include: Linkedin, Twitter, 

What company does Otto de Graaf work for?

Otto de Graaf works for AlisQI

What is Otto de Graaf's role in AlisQI?

Otto de Graaf's role in AlisQI is Chief Executive Officer

Which industry does Otto de Graaf work in?
Otto de Graaf works in the industry of Software Development
Software Development

Who are Otto de Graaf's colleagues?
Otto de Graaf's colleagues are Nils Nugteren,Bob Hommersom,Dave Hinkle
Nils Nugteren,
Bob Hommersom,
Dave Hinkle

What is Otto de Graaf's latest job experience?

Otto de Graaf's latest job experience is Chief Executive Officer at AlisQI

What is Otto de Graaf's latest education?

Otto de Graaf's latest education in Leiden University

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