Quency Phillips

Mountain View, California, United States
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Northwestern University


Quency Phillips

Mountain View, California, United States
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Northwestern University



Brand Innovation. Passionate Philanthropy. Bold Business. Renowned author, visionary and speaker, Quency Phillips has been building brands and cultivating communities for over 15 years; his brand is in a league of its own. Strong relationships and recognition for brand innovation in sports, philanthropy and not-for-profits have shaped his career. As President and CEO of the Que Agency, Phillips has established relationships with the top names in national sports including the NBA, WNBA and the NFL. An engineer at heart; graduating from Northwestern University with a dual degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering; Phillips has skillfully switched gears to focus on business and strategic alignment since 2001. Receiving certification in Strategic Alignment and Implementation of Business Solutions, from the University of Chicago, guided his newfound approach. ...

Quency Phillips In Short

Quency Phillips is a highly experienced professional with over 23 years of work experience in marketing, social media marketing, management, leadership, and program management. Based in the United States, Quency has a strong background in brand innovation and philanthropy. As the President and CEO of the Que Agency, he has established relationships with top sports and non-profit organizations. Quency holds a dual degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and has received certifications in Strategic Alignment and Implementation of Business Solutions. He has held various leadership positions in organizations such as Local Initiatives Support Corporation, HouseKeys, Persimmun, Inc., and eHarvestHub.

Quency Phillips's Professional Milestones

  • Chief Storyteller (2017-06-01~): Elevated storytelling skills through compelling storytelling techniques and effective communication techniques.
  • Chief Marketing Officer (2017-03-01~): Increasing brand recognition and driving revenue through strategic marketing campaigns and targeted audience acquisition.
  • Community Engagement Manager (2018-04-01~): Implementing engaging community programs, increasing community engagement, and fostering positive relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Chief Strategy Officer (2016-06-01~2017-07-01): Driving strategic initiatives that drive company growth and expand market share.
  • Board Of Directors (2016-02-01~2016-09-01): Successfully launched and managed multiple board projects, ensuring successful outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • internationalq (2014-01-01~): Implementing effective Quality Assurance processes for global operations, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks.
  • Board Of Directors (2016-07-01~): Successfully led and maintained the business by implementing strategic initiatives to enhance revenue and develop a strong stakeholder base.
  • Senior Account Executive (2004-11-01~2006-09-01): Guiding and fostering strong client relationships to drive revenue growth and exceed revenue targets.
  • Lead Strategic Consultant (2017-07-01~): Delivered strategic solutions, resulting in increased client satisfaction and client retention.
  • Information Technology Manager (2000-07-01~2002-03-01): Implementing cutting-edge technologies, driving technological advancements, and optimizing systems to drive organizational growth.
  • Account Manager (2002-04-01~2004-11-01): Achieved record-breaking sales growth through strategic account management and effective client relationship management.
  • Board Of Directors (2015-06-01~2016-08-01): Transformed company operations to drive efficiency, profitability, and success through effective leadership and strategic decision-making.
  • Fellow (2017-04-01~): Contributed to the success of the community through innovative teaching practices and outreach initiatives.
  • Wind Down Consultant (2015-05-01~2016-01-01): Secured high-profile business deals, driving organizational profitability and leading client growth.
  • Business Innovation Strategist (2012-08-01~2015-05-01): Driving organizational growth and market expansion through strategic business development initiatives.
  • Board Of Directors (2015-07-01~): Developed and implemented strategic initiatives, driving organizational growth and profitability.
  • Chief Marketing Officer (2016-01-01~2016-08-01): Developed and executed successful marketing campaigns, driving brand visibility and increasing customer engagement.

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Research Contact

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Discovery Bay,California,United States

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Social Media Marketing



Program Management

Event Planning

Start Ups

Social Media

Public Speaking


Strategic Planning

Marketing Strategy


Business Development

Brand Management

Product Development

Marketing Communications

Market Research

Non Profits


Digital Marketing



Nonprofit Organizations

Account Management


Social Networking

Event Management



Corporate Communications

New Business Development

Global Marketing

Non-profit Fund Development

Workforce Development

Equality & Diversity

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Frequently asked questions

What is Quency Phillips's email address?

We found 3 Quency Phillips's email addresses

What is Quency Phillips's phone numbers?

We found 1 Quency Phillips's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Quency Phillips have?

Quency Phillips's social media include: Linkedin, Twitter, 

What company does Quency Phillips work for?

Quency Phillips works for eHarvestHub

What is Quency Phillips's role in eHarvestHub?

Quency Phillips's role in eHarvestHub is Chief Marketing Officer

Which industry does Quency Phillips work in?
Quency Phillips works in the industry of Education Administration Programs
Education Administration Programs

What is Quency Phillips's latest job experience?

Quency Phillips's latest job experience is Chief Marketing Officer at eHarvestHub

What is Quency Phillips's latest education?

Quency Phillips's latest education in Northwestern University

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