Quentin Montalto

United States
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Quentin Montalto

United States
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I am the glue that holds alignment between the sales, growth, partnerships, customer service, marketing and operations teams. I match the technical and business objectives of customers with solutions that drive success and then support the efforts to implement those solutions.

Quentin Montalto In Short

Quentin Montalto is a highly skilled professional with 14 years of experience in critical thinking, problem solving, and customer service. Based in the United States, Quentin has a strong background in operations management, strategic planning, and project management. With expertise in lean manufacturing and quality assurance, Quentin excels in building relationships with customers and implementing solutions that drive success. Quentin has held various positions at ShipperHQ, including COO, Head of Sales & Client Success, and Operations Director. Quentin's strong leadership and communication skills make them a valuable asset in any organization.

Quentin Montalto's Professional Milestones

  • Chief Operating Officer: Streamlined operations, optimizing efficiency and driving strategic decision-making.
  • Head Of Sales And Client Success (2019-01-01~2019-07-01): Driving revenue growth through strategic sales initiatives, optimizing client success and exceeding sales targets.
  • Support Engineer (2015-09-01~2016-06-01): Delivered exceptional technical assistance, resolving customer issues and improving overall team performance.
  • Social Media Coordinator (2014-01-01~2015-12-01): Maximizing online content visibility and engagement through strategic social media campaigns and targeted campaigns.
  • Restaurant Manager (2009-11-01~2015-08-01): Implemented efficient operations processes, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Chief Operative Officer (2019-07-01~): Optimized operational efficiency, improving productivity and reducing costs.
  • Operations Director (2016-06-01~2019-01-01): Optimized operational efficiency by implementing streamlined processes and systems.

Quentin Montalto's Emails and Phone Numbers

Research Contact
Research Contact

Work Experience


Austin,Texas,United States

Software Development

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Contact sales to request a demo for Education Experience module.


Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Self Motivated

Customer Service

Time Management

Team Leadership

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Thinking

Quality Assurance


Operations Management

Strategic Planning

Project Management


Social Media

Customer Satisfaction


Process Improvement

Product Development

Project Planning




Public Speaking

Microsoft Office


Data Analysis

Software As A Service

E Commerce




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Frequently asked questions

What is Quentin Montalto's email address?

We found 3 Quentin Montalto's email addresses

What is Quentin Montalto's phone numbers?

We found 1 Quentin Montalto's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Quentin Montalto have?

Quentin Montalto's social media include: Linkedin, 

What company does Quentin Montalto work for?

Quentin Montalto works for ShipperHQ

What is Quentin Montalto's role in ShipperHQ?

Quentin Montalto's role in ShipperHQ is Chief Operative Officer

Which industry does Quentin Montalto work in?
Quentin Montalto works in the industry of Software Development
Software Development

Who are Quentin Montalto's colleagues?
Quentin Montalto's colleagues are Ryan Muir,Matt Humphreys,Karen Baker
Ryan Muir,
Matt Humphreys,
Karen Baker

What is Quentin Montalto's latest job experience?

Quentin Montalto's latest job experience is Chief Operative Officer at ShipperHQ

"It allows me to track my emails in real time, I can know if someone has opened my email and then when I call them, it gives me something to start from which gives me, as a sales person, the right push to secure a deal."
Anthony R.Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
"The best part of using Flashinfo has to be the Google extention that pops up the moment we're on a supporting website like LinkedIn. It pops up with the contact details of the client being prospected and shows more than one email and contact number"
Tony C.Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
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