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Raymond Trusgnich is a highly experienced professional with 19.6 years of work experience in logistics management, project management, information technology, transportation, and telecommunications. He is currently based in France-Ile-de-france-Courbevoie. Raymond is a team manager for customer onboarding and the Overland division, where he oversees new customer implementation and product ownership. He also owns mobility solutions and has expertise in products used to get information during transportation. Raymond's previous roles include being a product owner and customer onboarding team leader at GEFCO. .Read More

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Team manager for customer onboarding / Overland division : Team in charge of new customer implementation (initial study, design, implementation, test, rollout and level 3 support) Product owner for mobility solutions Overland Division : products used to get information during transportation (localization, driver information, automatic event detection, automatic document generation, ...). Product owner of TMS in charge of last mile pickup & delivery concerned operating systems : Android, IOS & windows mobile .Read More

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GEFCO2007-09-01 - Present
As of April 8, 2022 CEVA Logistics has completed the acquisition of GEFCO. With our combined business, we are in our strongest position ever and we continue down a successful path to become a Top 5 global logistics player in the world. Together with a global workforce of more than 110,000 people across 1,300 sites and more than 160 countries, our global network of experts push back boundaries and respond with agility to the most demanding supply chain challenges .Read More

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  • Btec Higher National Diploma Industry Engineering -