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René Gundersen

Rene Gundersen is a highly experienced system developer and architect with over 13 years of experience in creating web and desktop applications. He has a proven track record of taking responsibility for the complete development process, from initial ideas to final solutions. Rene is a full stack developer and enjoys working on technical challenges in the backend of systems. He is skilled in.NET, ASP.NET, web development, C#, and software development. Rene has worked at Templafy in various roles, including Director of Engineering and Senior Software Engineering Manager. He is based in Denmark. .Read More

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I'm a passionate system developer and architect, specialized in developing on the Microsoft .NET platform. I have more than 13 years of experience, in which I've created countless web and desktop applications. I have a proven track record of being able to take responsibility for the complete development process, from initial ideas and concepts to the finished solution. I'm a full stack developer. I enjoy working on hard, technical challenges deep in the backend of systems, just as much as working on the frontend making web applications intuitive and user friendly. .Read More

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Så kan jeg vist godt løfte sløret for, hvad vi har gået og arbejdet med det sidste 1,5 års tid. Super spændende produkt, at udvikle og jeg er så… .Read More
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Templafy2019-04-01 - Present
Templafy is the next gen document generation platform that automates documents to remove risk and increase efficiency for over 800 organizations around the world. .Read More

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