Rosie Taylor-Lewis

Rosie Taylor-Lewis

Rosie Taylor-Lewis is an experienced nurse practitioner with over 10 years of work experience. She is a dual board certified nurse practitioner and has completed clinical practice doctorate in DNP. Rosie is passionate about blending nursing practices in a holistic model of care to achieve patient outcomes. She is dedicated to promoting advocacy for nurse practitioners to practice to the fullest degree and licensure. Rosie has held positions as Program Director and Interim Medical Director of Psychiatric Consultation Liaison, and has also served on the Lynchburg PACE Participant Board. She is passionate about promoting patient engagement and promoting patient care. .Read More

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Dr. Taylor-Lewis is educated both as an Adult and Gero primary care provider (VCU ‘91 & ‘93) and completed her clinical practice doctorate, DNP in 2010 (ODU). After practicing in primary and acute care and teaching at the graduate level, she completed post doctorate certificate in the Psych Mental Health NP program at Radford University in May 2019 and is dual board certified through the ANCC. She is passionate about the role of the nurse practitioner as the primary caregiver blending the researcher, educator, advocate, and clinician roles in a holistic model (REACH) of care. She uses this model to target patient outcomes in practice, help those aspire entry level nursing to achieve their dream and those who aspire to continue their education at the advance practice or doctoral level. Her motto in academia and in practice is “students and patients do not interrupt my work; they are my work.” She has held positions as Program Director of a DNP program and clinically currently as an Interim Medical Director of Psychiatric Consultation Liaison. She has precepted over 100 NP students from more than a dozen graduate programs.Dr. Taylor-Lewis finds much satisfaction in her involvement on the local, regional and state level with the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners in leadership positions championing advocacy for the role of nurse practitioners to practice to the fullest extent of their education, certification and licensure. She has achieved full practice authority in Virginia as an ANP and PMHNP. She serves on the Lynchburg PACE Participant Board. Nursing Philosophy excerpt: I love nursing. Nursing has been good to me, and I want to continue to be a good ambassador for nursing and the patients that entrust their care to me. Nurses should meet patients where they are and take them where they need to be instead of expecting them to already be there. Advance practice nurses must lead the way in reducing health care disparities and access to care issues from the bedside to the board room and reach the capital beltway to those who make decisions on health care. She has testified to the joint boards in Richmond and walked the halls of Va GA educating our lawmakers on the impact and outcomes of advance practice nurses. She was award the Advocacy Award by the state VNCP in 2019. She is passionate that “nurses will change the face of health care, one step and one patient at a time." RT-L ,2007Dr Taylor-Lewis was interviewed by Living in the Heart of Virginia and can be seen at .Read More

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Our Mission is to provide quality health care accessible to all people of Nelson County and neighboring communities; and to improve their general health and well-being through prevention, education, and treatment. Our Vision is that Blue Ridge Medical Center is a vital, vibrant health center which is recognized as the preferred provider of primary health care for people in the community and which accomplishes access to primary care and equalized disparities in health outcomes for all people of our service area.. BRMC is a federally qualified health center, whose operations are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of community members, most of whom are also our patients. BRMC is accredited by The Joint Commission ( ). This is the same organization that accredits hospitals. In order for an organization to be accredited, a team of independent health care professionals performs a strenuous survey of the organization about every three years to determine that they meet the highest standards in their field. Less than 10% of all primary care organizations in the United States have achieved this accreditation.