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Sander Theeboom is a highly experienced professional with 12.2 years of work experience in various roles. He has a diverse skill set that includes public relations, fashion, market research, and marketing strategy. Currently, he is a Brand Executive at Harper's Bazaar & ELLE Decoration at Hearst Magazines Netherlands. Sander has worked for renowned companies such as Balmain Hair Couture, Myself, and ELLE Magazine, where he has demonstrated his expertise in brand management, creative direction, and brand development. He is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. .Read More

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Brand Executive Harper's Bazaar & ELLE Decoration at Hearst Magazines Netherlands .Read More

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Looking for a creative, social media talent, to join the Balmain Hair team this summer, from June to August, for extra experience. Hit me up! .Read More
June 11 2023
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Myself2020-01-01 - 2021-03-01

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  • international pr manager balmain hair2021-03-01 - Present
    The Balmain Hair Couture journey began nearly 50 years ago with an emphasis on hair additions and wigs, in line with the trends and fashions of the early 1970s. Nowadays, Balmain Hair Couture is the market leader in high fashion hair additions and hair extensions. Years of experience in hair design have led to an impressive line of hair products, including the development of the luxury Care & Styling products and professional session tools. The Balmain Hair Couture collections consist of a small but complete line of bare essentials, inspired by backstage session secrets to create the ultimate catwalk inspired look. Balmain H